About This Site

This is a joint effort by Scott McLean , Tod Stillwell, D Smolken and Suleiman Ali.

Our aim is to provide immaculately sampled collector drum kits mapped to various popular sampler formats, thus making realistic sampled drums available to all. Therefore, YOU can get some of the best drum sample content available today for free in the form of sampler formats (like Kontakt , TX16WX, SFZ and Reaper RS5K) as well as the open WAV samples to map in your own samplers of choice. The naming and organization should make it quite easy.

Initially, these products were shared on various public forums (such as the Reaper and KVR forum), but now we have decided to consolidate the links into a single website. Here it is a super drum sample giveaway throughout the year !


In general, you will need a good modern computer (i5 or i7 processors preferably) and RAM of 4 to 6 GB or above (depending on the version you are using). 64 bit systems will generally work better.

Kontakt version requires the full commercial Kontakt 5 or above (Kontakt Player will only run it in a demo mode for 15 minutes).


TX16WX version requires TX16WX 2.3.1 or above. The free version will work just fine, but the pro version (very reasonably priced) should be bought the developer.


The Reaper version requires Reaper version 4.76 or above. The unlimited trial version will run it just fine, but buying Reaper is HIGHLY recommended (very reasonably priced).


The SFZ version requires the free Sforzando player which is available here :



All the drum kits and samples on this website are a direct result of the hard work and generosity of drummer extraordinaire Scott McLean,without whose amazing efforts none of this would have been possible.

All the sample editing / trimming and drum programming for different platforms has been done by Tod Stillwell and Suleiman.