For Kontakt

SM Drums :  Kontakt Version

You NEED the first 5 files for it to work.

Compulsory Files

1.SMD Cymbals Stereo (Samples).zip >>Hats, Rides, & Crash [1.8gig]

2.SMD Multi-Mic (Samples).zip >>Individual mics for Kiks, Snares, & Toms [1.4Gig]

3.SMD Snare_HyB Stereo (Samples).zip >>SMD Snare HyB [69M] >>Kontakt nki, nkm, nkr, nkc, and Resources files [6MB]

5.SMDrums_Manuals_&_Instalation >>Manuals and installation Guides for Kontakt [434KB]

Optional Files

Reaper Project files for Kontakt >>Reaper project files for Demo & Keymap…[365KB]


Video showing how the Keymap works

Some Demos

Funky Little Beat…

Free Forming with SMD…

Taking It Easy With 6-8…

SMDrums used in a song, “Stop ReaMix (Ponk’s Mix Contest)”




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