SM Drums Launched !

Welcome to the SM Drums website !

This is a friendly partnership between Scott McLean , Tod Stillwell and Suleiman Ali.

Our aim is to provide immaculately sampled collector drum kits mapped to various popular sampler formats, thus making realistic sampled drums available to all.

Initially, these products were shared on various public forums (such as the Reaper and KVR forum), but now we have decided to consolidate the links into a single website. Here, it is a super drum sample giveaway throughout the year !


All the drum kits and samples on this website are a direct result of the hard work and generosity of drummer extraordinaire Scott McLean,without whose amazing efforts none of this would have been possible.

All the sample editing / trimming and drum programming for different platforms has been done by Tod Stillwell and Suleiman. SFZ Programming was done by D. Smolken.


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