The People

Scott McLean is a drummer, producer, publisher, composer, and recording musician. He is a true drum aficionado and collector with a huge resume in the music industry that spans decades.

Tod Stillwell has been a professional musician and audio engineer for over 50 years. That’s right , hews making records before half you were born. He has way too much experience to list here, topping it all with a penetrating insight into modern production and a real mastery of the art of sampling.

D Smolken is a well known sample programmer and SFZ guru who is on his way to becoming a legend. On KVR , he already is.

Suleiman is a little puppy dancing around these giants :).



Here are some useful links for you all. It is a work in progress. This is NOT a random assortment of links but stuff that we fully endorse as important and immensely useful in today’s digital music production :


Reaper. The best DAW ever made , by a long shot. Unlimited trial, 11 MB download and completely customizable.

TX16WX Sampler. The best free multi-purpose soft sampler (with the Pro version with even more bang).

SForzando. Excellent free SFZ player from Plogue.

Kontakt. The king of commercial soft samplers.

KVR Audio. If you are going to use 1 plugin database and forum, make it this one.

Another fantastic resource for budget minded bedroom producers :


One of the best places on the net for free sample sets (usually done in Kontakt).

Another amazing resource for lovingly sampled instruments (mapped in SFZ) by D. Smolken (the guru who did our SFZ files).

Pure metal drums for free (kicks, snares and toms). If you want modern extreme metal drums, this is the place. Combining with the hats and cymbals of SM Drums gives a superb kit.

SM DRUMS – SFZ Version With Stereo Samples

(This is superseded by the SFZ Sforzando Version 1.0 with GUI, but has been preserved for historical reasons).

Here it is , after much effort, and scripting excellence by the one and only D. Smolken (of KVR Forum and the rather excellent free samples website ).

The package includes the sfz files for the whole stereo set of drum kit samples, the manual and projects for both FL Studio and Reaper.

The samples used are here (if you have not downloaded them already, since these are the same samples used in Tod’s RS5K and Suleiman’s TX16WX version) :

SMD Stereo Cymbals Samples (Hats, Rides, & Crash). [1.8gig]

SMDrums Stereo Drums Samples (Kiks, Snares, & Toms)… [446M]

Please read the included manual to understand how it works.

MIDI Map is here :

Or you can just view the map below :

36 – kick
37 – sidestick
38 – snare 65 NR
39 – rimshot
40 – snare 67 NR
41 – floor tom
42 – tight hi-hat
43 – low tom
44 – loose hi-hat
45 – mid tom
46 – open hi-hat
47 – high tom
48 – foot hi-hat
49 – foot open hi-hat
50 – snare 65 reg
51 – close open hi-hat
54 – 13″ crash
55 – 15″ crash
56 – 16″ crash
57 – 17″ crash
59 – china
61 – 17″ ride
62 – 17″ ride bell
63 – 20″ ride
64 – 20″ ride bell


In general, you will need a good modern computer (i5 or i7 processors preferably) and RAM of 4 to 6 GB or above (depending on the version you are using). 64 bit systems will generally work better.

Kontakt version requires the full commercial Kontakt 5 or above (Kontakt Player will only run it in a demo mode for 15 minutes).

TX16WX version requires TX16WX 2.3.1 or above. The free version will work just fine, but the pro version (very reasonably priced) should be bought the developer.

The Reaper version requires Reaper version 4.76 or above. The unlimited trial version will run it just fine, but buying Reaper is HIGHLY recommended (very reasonably priced).

The sforzando version requires this free bundle of joy (it’s an sfz sampler). This one’s got DFD and is possibly the simplest way to get up and going with SM Drums.



Contact Us

If you have any queries, concerns, questions OR want to help by mirroring the content OR can map the same for SFZ, Reason or any other formats that we have not done , please contact us at :

syed.suleiman.ali ( at )

SM Drums – Raw Snare Multi-Mic Files (No Kit !)

These are unedited raw snare drum recordings (44.1khz, 24 bit continous WAV files of around six hundred dynamic snare hits).

Snare drum: 1965 Ludwig Jazz Festival Oyster Blue Pearl.

These recordings are for programmers, engineers, or anyone who wants to edit and create audio snare drum samples for use in sampler programs.

Download link:
Download size 772MB.

The drum was hit over 600 times from soft to loud (these are velocity hits).

There are two types of recordings:
#1. Snare drum hit at the center of head: No studio ring used (over 600 hits).
#2. Snare drum hit at the center of head: Studio ring used (over 600 hits).

The microphone set up is as follows:

Top head mic: Shure SM57.
Bottom head mic: Shure SM57.
Overhead stereo mics (X-Y pattern): AKG C451b (factory matched pair).

Two REAPER program files are included :
Each mic was recorded on its own track = One wav file per mic.

These recordings are royalty free and recorded by Scott Maclean.
You are welcome to use these recordings in both  commercial and private productions. This is a free use license.

WAV file names and descriptions:

“Sn65Top_NR” = Snare, 1965, Top mic, No Ring.
“Sn65Btm_NR” = Snare,1965, Bottom mic, No Ring.
“Sn65OH_NR_Left” = Snare, 1965, OverHead, No Ring, Left.
“Sn65OH_NR_Right” = Snare, 1965, OverHead, No Ring, Right.

“Sn65Top_SR” = Snare, 1965, Top mic, Studio Ring.
“Sn65Btm_SR” = Snare, 1965, Bottom mic, Studio Ring.
“Sn65OH_SR_Left” = Snare, 1965, OverHead, Studio Ring, Left.
“Sn65OH_SR_Right” = Snare, 1965, OverHead, Studio Ring, Right.