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If you have any queries, concerns, questions OR want to help by mirroring the content OR can map the same for SFZ, Reason or any other formats that we have not done , please contact us at :

syed.suleiman.ali ( at )


4 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hi. This kit is amazing. I just mapped a version of this kit for Magix Independence Basic and Independence Pro. I used the samples that Suleiman and used a bit of a different methodology when mapping the velocity layers.

    For everything except the Hi-Hat pedal samples, I mapped 7 velocity layers across the available samples. However, due to the capability of Independence, I cross-faded the transitions in velocity layers, making a very smooth playing and dynamic kit. I did use the original round robin samples, as well, with 4 round robins for the snare and 2 for everything else.

    The Independence project maps each of the available mics to separate channels in the internal Independence mixer, allowing you to mix the top, bottom snare and other close mics for toms and kick separately from the overheads. The Independence internal mixer (not unlike Kontak’s) supports internal busses, so I have the following 5 stereo channels piped out to the host DAW.

    – Kick (close mic)
    – Snare (Top/Bottom mix, controllable in Independence’s mixer)
    – Toms submix (close mics)
    – Overheads (submix of overheads for all drums)
    – Room (extra buss from Independence with a convolution reverb of a studio room)

    This kit plays VERY naturally and mixes like a mic’d up live kit would mix.

    This kit FAR exceeds the many I have paid for in the past – I will be using it quite a bit, I think. Thanks for the excellent samples!


    1. Im glad you liked the samples ! and thank you for your amazing work. If you want , you can upload the independence version and provide a link to share it on our website. I think I have a copy of independence free on my laptop and would love to try it myself.


  2. Amazing job, am now using your Reaper kit (large one!) as per instructions and it sounds fantastic, better to my ears than almost everything else out there. VERY much appreciated!! B


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