SM DRUMS 1.1 – KONTAKT 5 KIT : Now with Keymap Customization

The tireless, and frankly, fantastic efforts of Tod Stillwell continue with this stupendous update. This has introduced nifty new section for MIDI / drum map customization including a semi-automatic mode for quick and painless mapping. If you already have the original instrument and samples , its a small download for a HUGE utility.

Reaper Project File & pdf



Important Instructions :

Read the below instructions irrespective if you are a first time user or have already used SMD Drums (Kontakt). 

Files and folders you should already have:


SMD Cymbals Stereo (Samples)
SMD Snare_HyB Stereo (Samples)
SMDrums Multi-Mic (Samples)

SMDrums User Guides for Kontakt

All of the above are available here :

New files:

All are provided in the first 3 links.

-Kontakt’s multi nkm and nki files
-Installation and Keymap guides
-SMDrums_Kontakt_1.1 Installation
-SMDrums user Keymap Guide for
-Information regarding the Reaper

Once you’ve downloaded, un-zip it and put the SMDrums_Kontakt_1.1 folder where ever you keep you’re library and sample files.
If you already have the SMDrums_Kontakt_1.0 folder, it is advised that you copy or move
the 3 sample folders from the SMDrums_Kontakt_1.0 folder to the SMDrums_Kontakt_1.1
folder.If you wish to keep the older nkm and nki files, you can simply copy or move them to the new SMDrums_Kontakt_1.1 folder. The new nkm and nki files have been renamed so that they should merge nicely. It is very important that the new SMDrums_Kontakt_1.1 Resources folder remain with the new nki and nkm files.


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