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MIDI Grooves for SM Drums (MegaReaper Kit Version)

The awesome folks over at Groove Monkee so gratuitously re-mapped some of their awesome grooves for SM Drums (MegaReaper DrumKit), and in keeping with the spirit of the project, shared them all for free.

Here you go :

Their website :



This may yet be the smallest kit on this site.

1 kick, 1 side stick, 1 snare, 3 toms, closed / open / foot hats and a crash.

In 15 MB you get a fully equipped drumkit that uses TX16WX’s powerful modulation to emulate “real world” drum behavior.

So randomization effects the ADSR envelope, filter, pitch etc in subtle ways, further augmented by velocity based modulation for each.

Let me know how it goes. Just load the bank in TX16WX and you are ready to go.




SM DRUMS 1.1 – KONTAKT 5 KIT : Now with Keymap Customization

The tireless, and frankly, fantastic efforts of Tod Stillwell continue with this stupendous update. This has introduced nifty new section for MIDI / drum map customization including a semi-automatic mode for quick and painless mapping. If you already have the original instrument and samples , its a small download for a HUGE utility.

Reaper Project File & pdf



Important Instructions :

Read the below instructions irrespective if you are a first time user or have already used SMD Drums (Kontakt). 

Files and folders you should already have:


SMD Cymbals Stereo (Samples)
SMD Snare_HyB Stereo (Samples)
SMDrums Multi-Mic (Samples)

SMDrums User Guides for Kontakt

All of the above are available here :

New files:

All are provided in the first 3 links.

-Kontakt’s multi nkm and nki files
-Installation and Keymap guides
-SMDrums_Kontakt_1.1 Installation
-SMDrums user Keymap Guide for
-Information regarding the Reaper

Once you’ve downloaded, un-zip it and put the SMDrums_Kontakt_1.1 folder where ever you keep you’re library and sample files.
If you already have the SMDrums_Kontakt_1.0 folder, it is advised that you copy or move
the 3 sample folders from the SMDrums_Kontakt_1.0 folder to the SMDrums_Kontakt_1.1
folder.If you wish to keep the older nkm and nki files, you can simply copy or move them to the new SMDrums_Kontakt_1.1 folder. The new nkm and nki files have been renamed so that they should merge nicely. It is very important that the new SMDrums_Kontakt_1.1 Resources folder remain with the new nki and nkm files.

SM Drums – Stereo Reaper RS5K Kit : Multi-Velocity with Round Robins (Tod)

This post shares Tod Stillwell’s phenomenal work on editing and mapping these kits for Reaper’s Reasamplomatic 5000.

Here’s a demo to show this phenomenal kit in action :

Funky Little Demo !

Some of the features for SMDrums include :

– Round Robins
– Several velocity layers (up to 32 and more…)

Due to RAM considerations, the samples have been mixed to stereo for RS5K.
SMD Stereo Cymbals Samples (Hats, Rides, & Crash). [1.8gig]

SMDrums Stereo Drums Samples (Kiks, Snares, & Toms)… [446M]


Project files and Manual for ReaSamplOmatic (RS5K)

For this ReaSamplOmatic (RS5K) kit there are four kit sizes to choose from depending on your computer capabilities. These numbers represent the RAM that Reaper showed when they were put together in their most basic form.

There is a chart in the RS5K Manual that shows the kit pieces and Round Robins that go in each kit.

SMDrums (1286) FX
SMDrums (1375) FX
SMDrums (2048) FX
SMDrums (2847) FX

It is highly advised that as soon as you load any of these Reaper Projects, select all the tracks other than the midi tracks and then save them as track templates.

The download links for RS5K users are as follows and the manual also explains how to install them.

SMD Reaper Project files for RS5K (5.2M)

Manual for RS5K (Includes instulation) (1.4M)

SM Drums Sforzando 1.0

It has finally arrived :

A Plogue authorized SFZ version of SM Drums for Sfrozando !

What’s so special about it ?

Before going into hyperbole, here is an unedited demo of a few seconds :

No eq, just dry drums. So yes.

‘Authorized’ means it has a proper GUI with some spiffing controls for all the kit pieces / buses. That’s right, it has a one stop for all controls right there in Sforzando. And Sforzando has a pretty neatly implemented DFD (direct from disk streaming). And the Sforzando vst/standalone is free, as is this drum library. Do I need to draw you a road map here ?

What’s in there ?

There’s around 2.2 GB of beautifully multi-sampled collector’s drum kit insanity (many velocity layer and plenty of round robins) , the sfz files, the GUI files, plus a manual and track templates for Reaper and FLStudio.

There is a version for a single instance of sforzando, that lets you play the whole kit and control some crucial parameters from there, for a stereo out.

There is a version for every single drum bus, where you can have multiple instances of Sforzando on separate tracks in your DAW to apply external FX on each drum bus.

But really, talk is cheap so just read the wonderfully done attached manual.

Links :

Samples , SFZ related files (Yeah , this is the big one : 2.2 GB)

Manual, Track templates , Project files for Reaper & FLStudio



Scott McLean
Engineered & Recorded all the drum and cymbal samples.

Tod Stillwell
Edited the SMDrum samples
Co-authored User Guide for Sforzando

D. Smolken
SFZ Programming and GUI in Sforzando
Co-authored User Guide for Sforzando

Suleiman Ali

Website / Testing

The People

Scott McLean is a drummer, producer, publisher, composer, and recording musician. He is a true drum aficionado and collector with a huge resume in the music industry that spans decades.

Tod Stillwell has been a professional musician and audio engineer for over 50 years. That’s right , hews making records before half you were born. He has way too much experience to list here, topping it all with a penetrating insight into modern production and a real mastery of the art of sampling.

D Smolken is a well known sample programmer and SFZ guru who is on his way to becoming a legend. On KVR , he already is.

Suleiman is a little puppy dancing around these giants :).