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This may yet be the smallest kit on this site.

1 kick, 1 side stick, 1 snare, 3 toms, closed / open / foot hats and a crash.

In 15 MB you get a fully equipped drumkit that uses TX16WX’s powerful modulation to emulate “real world” drum behavior.

So randomization effects the ADSR envelope, filter, pitch etc in subtle ways, further augmented by velocity based modulation for each.

Let me know how it goes. Just load the bank in TX16WX and you are ready to go.





SM Drums – TX16WX Version with Stereo Samples : Non-Velocity / Max. Round Robins Version (Suleiman)

Here is a different kind of drumkit : a nice non velocity instrument. Though it is non-velocity (except the crash cymbals which are velocity layered), the substantial number of round robins keeps thing quite musical. It works pretty well in a modern hard rock context, where a huge range of soft performance dynamics are not required.

You will need the free TX16WX sampler. Download from here :

Install before proceeding with below.

The kit is here (a small 188 MB zipped) :…ew?usp=sharing

1. Download, unzip and run the included Reaper project file.

I have included the used sample content in the download, and there is no locating of samples required.

2. It is pretty much plug and play (and hopefully fool proof). The kit is stereo out by default.

The mapping is GM standard, except MIDI Note 47 which is loose hat articulation instead of a tom.

3. It is set by default to stereo out , but you can select multi-out instead of stereo out (drop down option on the left side). If you select the multi-out, you need to ensure/build the routing.

I tried to make this as RAM / CPU friendly and simple as possible. But I guarantee that you will be surprised at the realism of the kit.

SM Drums – TX16WX Version with Stereo Samples, Velocity and Round Robin Layers (Suleiman)

This version is programmed for TX16WX, one of the best soft samplers available today. All the functionality works fine in the free version.

This post will provide you the links to the : sampler, the samples, the patches, the manual and a Reaper project.

Download the latest version of this nifty little sampler from here :

Download the samples from the below links.

SMD Stereo Cymbals Samples (Hats, Rides, & Crash). [1.8gig]

SMDrums Stereo Drums Samples (Kiks, Snares, & Toms)… [446M] (RS5K)

The TX16WX patches are here :

The manual for the TX16WX version is here :

A Reaper project for the whole kit set-up to multi-outs is here :