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SM Drums : SFZ Version

This nifty little sample player / instrument is one of those few completely free ones that actually does a decent job of its Direct From Disk Streaming.

And yes, it is a Plogue authorized SFZ version of SM Drums for Sfrozando !

What’s so special about it ?

‘Authorized’ means it has a proper GUI with some spiffing controls for all the kit pieces / buses. That’s right, it has a one stop for all controls right there in Sforzando. And Sforzando has a pretty neatly implemented DFD (direct from disk streaming). And the Sforzando vst/standalone is free, as is this drum library. Do I need to draw you a road map here ?

What’s in there ?

There’s around 2.2 GB of beautifully multi-sampled collector’s drum kit insanity (many velocity layer and plenty of round robins) , the sfz files, the GUI files, plus a manual and track templates for Reaper and FLStudio.

There is a version for a single instance of sforzando, that lets you play the whole kit and control some crucial parameters from there, for a stereo out.

There is a version for every single drum bus, where you can have multiple instances of Sforzando on separate tracks in your DAW to apply external FX on each drum bus.

But really, talk is cheap so just start playing after reading the wonderfully done installation guide and manual.

The Links

1. including samples, GUI, sfz  etc [2.2 GB]
2. Manuals, Installation Guides, Track Templates etc for Sforzando.[2.3MB]


Enjoy !


  • DSmolken for all SFZ Programming anf GUI implementation
  • Told Stillwell for sample editing
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