About This Site

This is a joint effort by Scott McLean , Tod Stillwell, and Suleiman Ali.

Our aim is to provide an immaculately sampled collector drum kit in an easy to use format ( Kontakt ) as well as the open WAV samples to map in your own samplers of choice. The naming and organization should make it quite easy.


In general, you will need a good modern computer (i5 or i7 processors preferably) and RAM of 4 to 6 GB or above (depending on the version you are using). 64 bit systems will generally work better.

Kontakt version requires the full commercial Kontakt 5 or above (Kontakt Player will only run it in a demo mode for 15 minutes).




All the drum kits and samples on this website are a direct result of the hard work and generosity of drummer extraordinaire Scott McLean,without whose amazing efforts none of this would have been possible.

All the sample editing / trimming and drum programming for different platforms has been done by Tod Stillwell and Suleiman.

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